Finding the Right Individual Health Plan, Part 1: Assessing Your Benefit Needs

Posted by | Posted on 20-01-2010

If you’re considering individual health insurance coverage, you have to do some comparison shopping to find a plan with the right benefits and price to fit your needs. You’ll find there are many plans available to choose from: lower-cost basic benefit plans, more comprehensive benefit-rich plans, HSA-compatible plans and short-term temporary plans. How do you know what’s right for you?

This is the first of three blog posts focusing on helping you assess your needs so you can make a sound decision. First, you’ll want to answer the question “What health benefits will I use?” so you’ll have an idea of how much coverage you need in a plan. catch me patch me

It helps to break the question down into smaller parts: Forskolin

  • Do I need to utilize PPO network doctors and hospitals?
  • How often do I or other covered individuals visit a primary doctor?

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Go fish, cast wild

Posted by | Posted on 17-01-2010

When six old friends headed to a trout stream near Yosemite, Pete had no idea that he’d be hooked instead of a trout. But because of a timely prior visit to a California Health Insurance agent, the point of this painful fishing yarn turned out to be the one that got away.  Forskolin

Fishing Accident!! grey active ultra

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Agent helps Ventura family cope with kaleidoscope ordeal

Posted by | Posted on 12-01-2010

When California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard sold two individual child plans to a family in Ventura, he never would have guessed how a kaleidoscope could be the root of all evil. 

The Coakleys were refugees from Malibu Beach.

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AS Senate Agree Health Care Bill Reform

Posted by | Posted on 09-01-2010

United States Senate is agreeing the bill about health care system reshuffle,

United states of America are agreeing the bill about health care system reshuffle that would widen the health insurance coverage to 30 billion American that don’t have health insurance coverage.

On morning Wednesday vote, Des 24th 2009, the senator supporting the bill by 60 against 39. T

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Social Entrepreneurship in the Health Insurance Industry

Posted by | Posted on 05-01-2010

Social entrepreneurship implies taking independent actions with the intent of making a change in the thinking of a larger community. This is not a concept that we usually associate with the health insurance industry. Yet, behind the scenes, health insurance companies have taken bold reform actions in 2009–without waiting for a consensus or passage of law.

Until recently, the only insurance firms cited for social entrepreneurship were exceptionally creative brokerage firms and software developers. But in 2009, there were many cases of paradigm shifts at the core of some health insurance company operations.

Here are a few examples:


Aetna’s has made a commitment to wellness benefits. The

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